Geocaching is a fairly new activity that involves the use of a GPS-powered app to find objects that other people have hidden. While this is a fun activity that many people enjoy, it’s not quite as easy as it sounds. Objects are hidden well and are often strapped to magnets to make it easier to conceal them. If you’re clever and enjoy a mystery, geocaching may be for you.

Know What to Bring

In addition to a fully charged phone that has a geocaching app, you should pack as you would for any hiking adventure. This includes packing enough bottled water, snacks, and first aid supplies. You should also bring a change of clothes and a sweater just as a precaution. Bringing along a flashlight may also be a good idea. If you plan to take any of the caches that you find, be sure to bring something worthwhile to leave in place of the objects you take.

Start Looking

As you start on your adventure, keep an eye on the map in the geocaching app to find caches that are near to your location. When you find one that interests you, tap on that location in the app. Tapping on a specific cache in the app will provide you with more details and hints for finding the cache. The map in the app won’t provide you with a direct route to the cache. Instead, it will let you know how close you are to it up to a 30-foot range. The rest is up to you.

Examine the Cache

Once you find a cache take it and examine it in a different location. This will ensure others will still have a challenge in finding it. If you take an object from the cache, be sure to replace it with something of equal value. Return the cache to the original location before you move on and start a new quest.

After you have some practice in finding caches, you may want to hide some of your own. Be sure to get permission from the owner of the property where you intend to hide an object. You should also ensure it’s an environmentally friendly object to minimize your impact on the local ecosystem. And of course, make sure your cache is a challenge to find.