Hiking can be a great family-friendly activity. Hiking is a great way to spend time outdoors and allow your kids to take a break from technology and other daily scheduled activities. This is also a great way to teach your kids about preserving nature for future generations to enjoy. If your kids are not that thrilled about hiking, the following tips will help them enjoy their next outdoor adventure. 

Do not use the Word “Hiking” When Referring to the Trip

If your kids are not sold on taking a hike, it’s important to frame the hike as an adventure or other term that will get your kids excited! Using the word hiking with children gives off the impression that it is a challenging and arduous task. Don’t give away too much information, and have your kids put on an outfit that will allow them to move throughout the trail with the correct shoes! 

Choose an Interesting and Exciting Trail

Before taking your kids out for a hike, make sure that they are going on a trail that’s going to keep them occupied throughout the trip. It is adventurous for your kids to walk a narrow trail as opposed to an unintriguing path. It would be a great idea for kids to hike someplace near the water or on a trail that ends at an overlook. If the trail is intriguing enough, kids may even be interested in the surrounding nature. It’s also vital to pick a trail that could have exciting birds, plant life, or small animals. You can even turn wildlife spotting into a game to keep them interested in the hike!

Go Slow 

It makes sense that kids will enjoy the experience more if it is experienced at a slower pace. By slowing down, one can find interesting things for the kids to do to keep them occupied. 

Pick a Leader

Kids love to feel like they are in charge. Having your kids take turns leading the way on the hike will help them feel empowered and like they are apart of the direction your hike is taking. Make sure you switch the leader every so often to keep the peace and make your hike enjoyable.