There is nothing better than capping off a great day outdoors with family and friends than catching a sunset. While sunsets are stunning from nearly every location, some places make them look magical. The right spot can make every sunset feel unique. Luckily, it will not be too hard to find the perfect location in your home state. These are the four best spots to view a sunset in North Carolina.

Frying Pan Mountain

You will be at the summit of Frying Pan Mountain in Canton, North Carolina, after making a 5,340-foot hike. Reaching the summit will give you a spectacular view of the mountains, river, and Shiny Rock Ridge. The thing that makes Frying Pan Mountain stand out is its decommissioned fire looker tower. Since the fire patrol no longer uses it, the tower is open to the public. Going to the top of the tower gives you a view you cannot find anywhere else.

Tennent Mountain

A short hike up Tennent Mountain located off Art Loeb Trail in Canton, will give you unique views of the state. The mountain is grassy bald because of the low elevation and high temperatures in the area. This combination prevents trees from growing on the mountain. With nothing obstructing your view, you are guaranteed to get an amazing look at the sunset.

Blue Ridge Pinnacle

While the Blue Ridge Parkway is a popular spot for a scenic drive, very few people know about the Blue Ridge Pinnacle. There are no signs on the road alerting visitors to the beautiful peak. This means you are almost guaranteed to have a secluded spot all to yourself when watching the sunset. The lack of signs can make this spot a little tricky to find, but it is well worth the effort.


While you can get a great look at the sunset anywhere in Asheville, you will want to make sure to make a trip to the Biltmore. Tours of the historic mansion are available to the public almost every day. Plan your trip around sunset to get the most out of your tour. It is up to you if you want to watch from the house, meadows, or lagoon.

Overall, any destination you choose in North Carolina will provide you with a beautiful sunset to end your day!