Hikers residing in or near one of the northeastern coast states find an abundance of scenic trails to explore. The spectacular terrain includes a variety of landscapes, from flowering meadows and babbling brooks to forested mountains and rugged cliffs overlooking the sea. While the multitude of pathways provides opportunities for all skill levels, experienced hikers find routes that pose more of a challenge. 

Acadia National Park-Maine
The stunning location encompasses 47,000 acres containing more than 150 miles of trails. Cyclists and hikers of all experience levels enjoy exploring the pathways that offer amazing views. The park also offers challenging treks to adventure seekers. The Precipice Trail extends over 2.5 miles and typically takes 1.5 to 3 hours to complete. From the parking lot, hikers begin scaling Champlain Mountain. As hikers scramble over rocky terrain, the elevation increases by 1,000 feet within the first mile. At times, there is a level pathway. However, the cliff-side trail is a mere couple of feet in width. 

Green Mountains-Vermont
The state is renowned for its beautiful landscapes that include forested mountains and rolling hills. The Green Mountain range spans 350 miles from north to south and regularly attracts hikers. When looking for a challenge, take the Camel’s Hump State Park trek. The six-mile, round-trip journey involves hiking to the 4,083-foot peak of the hump. The three-mile hike up gains 2,588-feet in elevation. The entire hike takes a little under four hours. Scaling Equinox Mountain also involves a six-mile trek to the tallest peak in the Green Mountains range. At the top, hikers may rest at the visitor’s center and tour the monastery. 

White Mountains-New Hampshire
The mountain range offers more rugged terrain that combines rock formations with hardwood forests. The unique trails include a series of huts that enable visitors to rest or stay the night if desired. Mount Washington is the tallest peak, which naturally attracts hikers desiring a challenge. The 7.4-mile journey involves a 4,250 elevation increase and requires approximately five hours to complete. But, visitors are warned to expect hazards, as the weather is often unpredictable. The 10-mile loop trail to the top of Mount Chocorua is another popular challenging excursion. The hike includes a 3,000-foot increase in elevation. But, hikers are rewarded at the top with commanding views over the region.