If you enjoy the outdoors, you may be dreading the coming cold months. No need to fret—even though the temperature is dropping in most areas of the country, there are still plenty of outdoor activities you can enjoy. Some activities are best enjoyed in the fall. Here are a few ideas to help you fill your calendar.

Take a Weekend Camping Trip

While you’ll need to pack warmer clothes, camping in the fall offers a few advantages over camping during the summer. To begin with, it’s the offseason, so finding sites with openings will be much easier. You’ll also enjoy the opportunity to spend time outdoors without getting attacked by mosquitoes, wasps, and other warm-weather insects. While swimming may be out, you can still hike, fish, or play outdoor games.

Hike a New Trail

Fall is also a great time to explore the world by hiking. Since the temperature is much lower, you can enjoy a hike without having to worry about getting dehydrated or overheating. Hiking in the fall also offers an entirely new experience for those who appreciate leaves’ changing colors. You can enjoy nature’s new look as you trek through red, orange, and yellow foliage.

Try Cold-Water Fishing

As temperatures fall, fish begin to seek warmer waters. However, some cold-water fish enjoy the crisp autumn temperatures, which makes fall a great season for anglers. Head out to your local watering hole and see what you can catch! Just remember, fish will likely be slower in cold weather, so you’ll need to entice them with a lure that moves slowly and looks tasty. If you like cold-water fishing enough, you may want to brave the winter weather to try your hand at ice fishing.

There are many more things you can do to enjoy the fall weather. If you want to stay close to home, going for a bicycle ride can get you out of the house. For more adventurous spirits, a road trip out to the country for backpacking and exploration may strike your fancy. Make the most of autumn and enjoy the fresh air and colorful scenery!