With the onset of winter, the temperature drops, snow falls, and people tend towards indoor activities with family and friends. But, if your family has a sense of adventure, there are plenty of winter activities to get you outside and help you make the most of your time outdoors.  

Nature Hikes

After a fresh snowfall, the landscape transforms into a winter wonderland. Experience the wonder by donning a pair of snowshoes or by going cross-country skiing. Your family will enjoy how ice-covered branches glisten, and the blanket of snow sparkles. Venturing forth during the day provides hikers with the chance to see wildlife, as many popular trails will see less foot traffic in the cold.

Ice Fishing

Wait until temperatures remain freezing or below for an extended length of time before venturing forth on any waterway. Look for clear ice, which is an indication of a deeper freeze and a safer fishing location. Besides an auger to create a hole in the ice, it doesn’t require too much equipment (other than that required for keeping warm). For avid anglers, this is the perfect winter activity.

Christmas Tree Harvesting

Many state parks allow people to chop down a tree for a minimal fee. Wear warm clothing and be prepared for a hike, as the best trees are often found off the beaten path in deeper snow. The adventure enables families to enjoy the crisp air while spending time together to find the perfect holiday tree.


Kneeboarding requires a board, a tow rope, and a means of being pulled through the snow. The mechanical component might be an ATV, a snowmobile, or a large kite. If you’re kneeboarding with children, take it slow. However, if you’re spending the day with other outdoorsmen, this is the perfect opportunity to fulfill your need for speed. 

The winter months can be cold and harsh, especially for states up north. However, a little bit of snow never hurt anyone—in fact, winter hikes and outdoor adventures are all the more refreshing when there’s frosty, frigid air.