Of all the activities to do in Colorado, one of the most popular is hiking. As a result, there are many high-quality hiking trails to choose from.

Longs Peak

Among the most challenging trails to hike is the Keyhole Route of Longs Peak. As Colorado’s thirteenth highest mountain, Longs Peak is only for expert hikers. The trail is so difficult that only half the people who start can complete it. Those who brave the Keyhole Route have access to some unforgettable views.

Pyramid Peak

Pyramid Peak is even more challenging to hike. This long hike is best started as early in the morning as possible. The first mile of the hike is extremely steep. Along the way, hikers should expect to encounter mountain goats. The trail offers a view of many of the Elk Range peaks, including Maroon Bells. Hikers are urged to wear a helmet while navigating the trail.

Mount Bierstadt

A slightly less difficult trail is Mount Bierstadt. Located close to Georgetown, directly off of the Guanella Pass, the hike is only three miles each way. On the hike back, there are views of willow-foot trees that are seven feet tall and swampland filled with moose. For a more difficult challenge, hikers can also tackle the one-mile Sawtooth Ridge trail.

Bison Peak

An even easier trail to hike is the Bison Peak. The round trip 11-mile hike begins at the Tarryall Mountains, close to its namesake reserve. Along the way, hikers will see stone towers, the tallest of which exceed 150 feet in height. Those who stray from the main trail can take the half-mile hike to the summit, which is easy for most hikers to reach.

Guardians of the Flatirons

There are many routes to take when hiking through the Guardians of the Flatirons. One of the most popular routes originates at the Gregory Canyon Trailhead. It starts with a three-mile ascension that takes hikers to the Green Mountain. The return trip takes hikers through the Mesa Trail.

Mount Elbert

The highest peak in Colorado is Mount Elbert, which provides an easy hiking trail. The round trip is nine miles and takes hikers through a trail named after the mountain. After passing two false summits, hikers will reach the real one.