Outdoor camping is the perfect way to experience the beauty of nature. While most camping trips are made relatively close to home, the entire experience can be taken to the next level by visiting a brand new location. Some special planning will need to be involved in pulling off a long-distance camping trip successfully. Getting all of your gear to the destination is a lot trickier than normal. These are the four things you need to know when traveling with outdoor gear.

Packing Tips

Every airline has weight and size restrictions on the passenger’s bags. Since your space will be limited, you need to find a way to pack as light as possible. You should only pack the gear that you will absolutely need on the trip. It is also a good idea to limit the amount of clothing you bring. Make sure to use compression sacks to create more room in the luggage.

Checked Bag Items

You need to follow the TSA baggage restrictions when packing for the trip. Everything that can potentially be used as a weapon must go in the checked bag. This is the vast majority of your gear, including the tent, hiking poles, knives. Failing to put these items in your checked bag will cause them to get seized at the airport. It can also delay your trip as you spend more time at the security checkpoint.

Carry-On Bag Items

The one item you absolutely need to make sure to put in your carry-on bag is the camping stove. The stove must be cleaned and have its fuel removed to be allowed on the plane. Carrying the stove with you at all times ensures it stays protected. It could easily break in the checked bag as they get tossed on and off the plane.

Things You Can’t Bring

There are a few camping essentials that are banned from the plane. Matches, lighters, and camp stove fuel must stay at home. You will also be banned from traveling with bear spray. Luckily, it should not be too hard to find these items after getting to your destination. One quick stop at an outdoor store will let you stock up on these essentials.