Outdoor activities are great releases from the stresses of everyday tasks and conflicts. These activities are significant because they unite people’s spirits with the beauty and comfort found in nature. The American Naturalist Henry David Thoreau expressed the solace and inspiration the beauty of nature can bring in his work entitled Walden.

One state that offers a wide variety of outdoor adventures that provide freedom and an escape from the artificial world, along with the pleasure of being in touch with nature, is North Carolina. North Carolina has much to enjoy with its beaches, mountains, waterfalls, state parks, historical sites, adventure parks, and zoos. Here are some suggestions for exciting outdoor adventures in beautiful North Carolina:

Waterfalls and Trails in State and National Parks

Among the many waterfalls to visit are several in picturesque DuPont State Forest. Popular waterfalls are Bridal Veil Falls, High Falls, and Triple Falls. Also, Pearson’s Falls is a 90-foot waterfall within a glen that is replete with more than 200 ferns, mosses, and flowering plants. There are hiking trails in the forest, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

Smoky Mountain Railroad Adventure

Offering half-day train excursions through the countryside and mountains of Western North Carolina, the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad, LLC serves schools, church groups, family reunions, and other adult groups. There is also a railroad and rafting combination to try.

Bicycling Through the Countryside

Visitors can participate in the annual Mountains to Coast Ride bicycle excursion that lasts a week. The route follows roads with little traffic on a high plateau, providing a spectacular view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Piedmont countryside.

Horseback Riding on the Sauratown Trail

Constructed as a bridle trail, the Sauratown Trail provides local horseback riders a 25-mile route. Visitors can also ride horseback as the Tokota Horse Stables close to the east end of the trail can provide horses for scenic rides lasting from one to two hours.