People looking for a fun, challenging outdoor activity known for its ability to serve up a healthy dose of adrenaline often turn to indoor or outdoor rock climbing (or both). Like beginners in other intense physical outdoor sports, novice rock climbers must get the proper training and make sure they get the right equipment. Use this list of crucial rock-climbing gear for novices to get started.

Rock Climbing Helmet

At its core, the sport of rock climbing can be a dangerous undertaking, especially when talking about outdoor rock climbing. Be it an experienced climber or someone just getting started, a quality rock climbing helmet is, for obvious reasons, a must-have piece of rock-climbing equipment.

Rock Climbing Shoes

Especially for novice climbers, being successful at rock climbing (i.e., not falling and getting hurt or worse) requires having a sure footing. That’s where a good pair of rock-climbing shoes come in. When shopping for proper rock-climbing shoes, climbers should look for ones that are well-fitting yet comfortable with rubber soles that will firmly grip the surface.

Rock Climbing Harness

Another important safety piece for rock climbers is the rock-climbing harness, which secures the climber to their climbing rope. A basic harness fits around the waist. Other types of harnesses include loops for the legs. The best type of rock-climbing harness depends on the climber’s body type and the type of climbing (i.e., indoor versus outdoor) involved.

Climbing Ropes and Chalk

Climbing ropes are a central component of the gear that works together to help the climber ascend their climb. There are two basic types of rock-climbing rope, static and dynamic, and the kind of rope a climber needs depends again on what type of climbing they’re doing. Dynamic ropes are more flexible and can be especially helpful in the event a climber suffers a fall. The static rope comes in handy in situations where an injured climber needs to be lowered to safety. Rock climbers use chalk to maintain a firm grip on their climbing ropes.

Starting slow and staying safe with this list of rock-climbing gear for novices is the key to enjoying this thrilling outdoor sport for years to come. Have fun out there!